Poll Shows Oprah Beating Trump in Hypothetical 2020 Election

Poll Shows Oprah Beating Trump in Hypothetical 2020 Election

If Oprah Winfrey were to run against President Donald Trump in 2020, at least one poll said that she would have an early lead.

According to a new survey by the Democrat-leaning Public Policy Polling, Oprah would win against Trump by a 7-point margin, were the election held today.

Reports have conflicted about whether she’s really interested, but for what it’s worth, “Oprah Winfrey has a 49/33 (positive/negative) favorability rating nationally, and would lead Donald Trump 47-40 in a hypothetical 2020 presidential contest,” Public Policy Polling said in a survey released Wednesday.

The poll was conducted on a wide body of topics, including the GOP health care plan (only 24 percent of voters are in favor of it, including only 37 percent of Republicans) and the popularity of Congress (still pretty unpopular). It was conducted between March 10-12 with 808 registered voters. The margin of error was 3.4 percent.

The new poll could be a huge boost for those urging the talk show host and businesswoman to throw her hat into the ring. However, there are a few things to consider before saying “you go, girl” to Oprah 2020.

For starters, while plenty of celebrity candidacies have done well in the polls, only one has ended successfully — that being, of course, the current president’s. It’s also worth pointing out that even Texas billionaire Ross Perot led in some polls back in 1992 before ending up with 19 percent of the vote and not winning a single state.

Then, there’s the inexperience factor. Democrats were quick to jump on Trump’s lack of experience during the 2016 campaign, and would likely continue to do so in 2020 — unless, of course, they ran Oprah. In that case, all of their arguments would go out the window: President Trump would be the more experienced candidate.

And then there’s Public Policy Polling. Known for being the least serious of the national polling firms (its presidential polls once showed joke candidate “Deez Nuts” polling at 9 percent in North Carolina and Jill Stein trailing Harambe the gorilla in Texas), it’s also known to skew notoriously liberal.

Just days before the election, PPP had Clinton up by five points in Michigan; we know how that ended. Five Thirty-Eight also reported that that a significant portion of PPP’s business comes from polling “for liberal and Democratic clients.”

Will Oprah run? We’ll certainly see. One thing’s for sure, though: This isn’t the last poll we’re going to see her in.

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