Police K9 and His Partner Take Down 3 Suspects Within 90 Minutes

Police K9 and His Partner Take Down 3 Suspects Within 90 Minutes

An especially savvy Oregon police dog named Spencer reportedly tracked down not one, not two, but three criminals in a span of 90 minutes early Sunday morning, according to the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office.

In a news release published Tuesday, the office described how Spencer first tracked down and captured a stolen-vehicle suspect as he was trying to flee authorities. About an hour later, Spencer helped locate parole violator Timothy C. Elmore, a transient who had been hiding out in a trailer in the county, just south of Portland.

Then, nine minutes later, the canine Sherlock Holmes tracked down and captured another criminal — Lonnette M. Denison, who reportedly had warrants out for her on charges ranging from theft to possession of methamphetamine.

“She ran from an apartment in Gladstone and attempted to hide in a thick holly bush, but Spencer was able to locate her,” the news release stated.

Trained dogs have long been a constant for America’s police and military forces, of course, but Spencer’s performance stands out.

So who exactly is this canine hero? According to the sheriff’s office, Spencer is a 9-year-old Dutch shepherd who has been serving on the force for six years with his handler, Sgt. Don Boone. But even for such an experienced veteran, his performance Sunday was especially impressive.

“It’s a rare feat for a sheriff’s office K9 to get that number of captures in such a short time frame,” Boone explained in the news release. “For Spencer and I, that was a new record — three in 90 minutes.”

“(Spencer’s) nearly 10 years old, but he’s still doing it,” Boone added. “He loves his job.”

Someone deserves a treat.

To learn more about Spencer, you can watch a Dropbox video uploaded to the web by the sheriff’s department.

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