PHOTOS: Punks Keep Driving on Man’s Lawn, So He Comes Up With Brutal Booby Trap

Punks Keep Driving on Mans Lawn So He Comes Up With Brutal Booby Trap

One homeowner in Pevely, Illinois, finally had enough with kids driving all over his lawn — so he took matters into his own hands.

The man, who requested to remain anonymous, decided to place boards with nails sticking out of them in his grass so they would destroy the tires of anyone who drove onto his property.

“They were painted black and they were buried in the ground, and it made it very difficult to see,” Pevely Police Chief Ron Weeks told KMOV in 2014 when the incident occurred.


Several of the man’s neighbor’s voiced concerns about his booby trap, which sounded more like a tactic from the jungles of Southeast Asia than American suburbia. They said that they understood why he did it, but they thought it was dangerous.

Police removed the boards from the man’s home and fined him. However, Pevely city ordinances were not specific on whether police could actually do that legally.


Just to be safe, Pevely city council introduced legislation to ban all booby traps.

It is very easy to understand where this man is coming from. Homeowners often take measures to make sure that they can stop vandals from destroying their property.

One of the more common ways to thwart thugs is to cement mailboxes into the ground, insuring that a kid with a baseball bat will pay the price for trying to destroy it.

But putting boards with nails on the lawn is definitely a step above cementing a mailbox into the ground. Unfortunately, this particular booby trap could end up seriously hurting someone.

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  1. Legally he could have had the cops removed from his home for trespassing. Before they ever removed the boards and nails and then placed a restraining order against those cops with the county court house. Everything has consequences. I think they are old enough to know that. Besides most businesses have something similar to that. If your car rolls back by accident. Spikes flatten your tires which is dangerous. Cops have a spike strip that they use and it’s even more dangerous if you think about the number of people who could lose their life because of it.