PHOTOS: Lone Man Stands Up To HUGE Anti-Trump Protests, Whips Out Epic Sign


Find this guy and give him a medal. Or at least bring him a pizza.

Faced with angry post-election protesters in Dallas on Thursday, this brave fellow stood alone with a simple sign. He silently spoke the truth that these whiners don’t want to hear, according to a story by American Lookout.

Against a crowd of hundreds of angry protesters, he stood to represent the vast, silent majority of Americans who, regardless of the ballot they cast on Tuesday, respect the American tradition of peaceful transition. He stood for the principle that we all need to support those in power, giving them a chance to govern wisely.

Here’s the man and his sign:

“You’re All Crybabies,” said the sign. Clearly, this guy has a gift for words and doesn’t waste them.

The crowd was holding signs up like “This Is Not My President” and “White Silence = White Violence.”

A wave of post-election protests, often violent and disruptive, has rocked major cities across the nation. The lone voice of reason in this photo was more than succinct; he was incredibly brave.

From Portland to Los Angeles to New York, protesters have looted, burned cars, shut down traffic, and blocked hospitals. The liberal media has been turning these criminals into media darlings while giving lip service to unifying the nation and standing behind President-elect Donald Trump.

Is this it, America? Is this the best we can do? Tear apart our county to show how much we love it?

In his 1984 State of the Union address,  Ronald Reagan told America that “I’ve never felt more strongly that America’s best days and democracy’s best days lie ahead. We’re a powerful force for good. We can perform great deeds and take freedom’s next step.”

Reagan also famously referred to America as a “shining city on a hill.”

We can be that again. And the “crybabies” guy? He has guts. Ronnie would approve.

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