PHOTOS: Hillary Holds Rally, Then Worst Flash Mob She Can Imagine Breaks Out


Hillary Clinton held a small rally at a campaign stop in Michigan this week, but when a flash mob broke out she was left looking absolutely embarrassed. The ruckus started on Monday, when the Democrat presidential nominee was making an appearance at Wayne University in Detroit.

“Flash mob” is the term for when a large group of people suddenly appears out of nowhere by previous agreement. Sometimes they’ll even break into song and dance. With the advent of social media making instantaneous, mass communication commonplace, the phenomenon has taken the world by storm in recent years.

Clinton may claim to love a good surprise, but she had no idea the flash mob was going to interrupt her campaign stop. Not only that, she was embarrassed to see that the flash mob was made up of Trump supporters.

The flash mob was recorded and then uploaded to YouTube where it now has well over 15,000 views. See the video below:

Clinton had no idea what hit her and was unprepared for the mob, which was chanting “Bill is a rapist,” an expression getting attention since a prankster interrupted a “Fox & Friends Weekend” segment by chanting it live in the background a week ago.

Twitter began to explode with users sharing the embarrassing incident.

Even local news outlets picked up the story.

This is sure to have Hillary Clinton on her toes for future campaign stops, as she will never know when the Trump mob will strike again.

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