Photographer Captures Shocking Proof Top Google Exec in Bed With Hillary


The possible political leanings of the Google search engine were hinted at last week when Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of the organization’s parent company Alphabet Inc., was spotted at failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s “victory” party wearing a staff badge.

“Schmidt served in a personal capacity as an adviser to the Clinton operation, and the campaign seems to have taken that role seriously,” Politico reported this week after one of its readers sent in a photo of Schmidt at the event. “He’s wearing a ‘staff’ badge.”

Moreover, a memo attached to one of the hacked Clinton campaign emails published last month by WikiLeaks showed the nominee’s former chief digital strategist informing her about the work “Eric Schmidt’s group” and “team” were performing for her campaign.

The relevant snippet may be viewed below or accessed directly by clicking the “Attachments” tab at WikiLeaks:


As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, Schmidt also “provided funding to a tech startup called The Groundwork, one of the Clinton campaign’s biggest vendors.”

This litany of facts made it clear that he sort of lied (or was at least disingenuous) when he reportedly claimed during the summer that Google had “not taken a position on the American election.”


While it was true that Schmidt took these actions as an individual, there was plenty of evidence to suggest that his personal bias had infected the organizations he commanded.

Last April, for instance, The Intercept reported that Google staffers had been invited to the White House on at least 427 separate occasions between January 2009 and October 2015.

“Eric Schmidt … was an enthusiastic supporter of both of Obama’s presidential campaigns and has been a major Democratic donor,” the publication added.

Plus, Schmidt reportedly sought to be the “head outside adviser” to the Clinton campaign and offered advice and assistance on multiple occasions, emails from two years ago showed.

Allegations have also been made that Google allegedly altered search recommendations in favor of Clinton’s campaign.

To say that Google as a corporate entity was completely in the tank for Hillary Clinton might be a bit of a stretch. But to assert that at least a large portion of it had been corrupted by Schmidt’s devotion to the former Democrat nominee would certainly be appropriate.

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H/T Washington Free Beacon