PHOTO: White House Releases Melania Trump’s Official Portrait

White House Releases Melania Trumps Official Portrait

Melania Trump’s official White House portrait was released by the Trump administration Monday, and the photograph revealed just how stunning the first lady is.

The photograph, according to a White House news release, was “taken in her new residence at the White House.” It is worth pointing out that she spends a significant portion of her time in New York City so that her son Barron can finish out the school year, but that’s mostly a minor detail.

“I am honored to serve in the role of first lady, and look forward to working on behalf of the American people over the coming years,” Melania Trump said in the statement.

Here’s the portrait:

An excellent portrait, indeed.

As for Melania’s residence at the White House, an administration official told CBS News that the first lady was “looking forward to being here full time once Barron is out of school, but this is still her new home.”

The fact that CBS News even felt the need to call the White House over this is, well, telling, but there you go.

While Melania Trump has been less public than previous first ladies thus far, she has started to take a more active role in the position. A rare speech at last week’s International Women of Courage Awards at the State Department seemed to indicate that global women’s rights would be a key focus of her time as first lady.

“We must continue once again to shine a light on the horrendous atrocities taking place around the corner and around the globe,” she said in her speech, according to CNN.

“We must continue to fight injustice in all its forms, in whatever scale or shape it takes in our lives. Together, we must declare that the era of allowing brutality against women and children is over, while affirming that the time for empowering women around the world is now. For wherever women are diminished, the entire world is diminished with them.”

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