PHOTO: Salon Owner Under Fire for “Overweight” Customer Upcharge

Salon Owner Under Fire for Overweight Customer Upcharge

A nail salon outside of Memphis has come under fire after allegedly posting a sign that some called fat-shaming — an action in which people point out (usually correctly, but often rudely) that being overweight is unhealthy.

The sign at Rose Nails in Frayser, Tennessee, allegedly said that overweight individuals would be charged $45 dollars, KTVI reported.

“Sorry but if you are overweight, pedicures will be $45 due to service fees for pedicurists,” read the sign, according to a photo of it taken by a woman who posted it on Facebook where it quickly went viral. The normal fee for pedicures at the salon is $30, according to the New York Daily News.

WREG reported that when asked about the sign, Son Nguyen, the salon’s owner, denied that the sign was ever put up, despite some pretty clear photographic evidence that it had been.

“No,” Nguyen stated after being asked about the sign. “I told you, I said I’m thinking but I don’t put it up (sic).”

When shown photos showing the floors and walls of the shop where the sign hung — which were identical to the floors and walls in Nguyen’s shop — he continued to denied it, stating that “there are same walls and floors everywhere.”

The Daily News reported that Nguyen admitted that he will sometimes refuse service for an overweight person because he has had chairs broken by them in the past, which cost him $2,250.

As a private business, Nguyen does have some rights to deny service to customers, though it was not immediately clear whether denying customers service because of their weight would be covered under anti-discrimination laws, and we would certainly support his right to charge some customers more if they cost his business more.

Having said that, however, if Nguyen did indeed put the sign up, he should own up to it.

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