PHOTO: New Swimming Pool “Rules” Poster Shows How Sick Life With Muslim Refugees Really Is

New Swimming Pool Rules Poster Shows How Sick Life With Muslim Refugees Really Is

We are often told by President Barack Obama and his fellow progressives that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to the waves of Muslim migrants and “refugees” flooding into Europe, and to a lesser extent, the U.S.

Yet European women are suffering from an incredible spike in sexual harassment, physical assaults and rapes at the hands of those allegedly harmless and innocent Muslim men.

In fact, the instances of sexual harassment and assault have increased so much that public swimming pools in Munich have resorted to posting cartoon-like posters informing men that it is not OK to touch a woman’s body without permission, no matter what she may or may not be wearing.

The German news site The Local reported on the comic strip-style posters teaching Muslim migrants about proper swimming pool etiquette, which have been translated from German into French, Arabic, Pashto and Somali.

German swimming pool rules

One panel of the poster in particular features a blond woman in a bikini with a hand reaching for her rear end. The universally understood red circle with a backslash over the hand make it perfectly clear that men are not allowed to grab a woman’s butt.

This follows the recent news from the German town of Bornheim, near Cologne. Bornheim just banned all adult male Muslim migrants from its public pool due to a flurry of complaints about sexual harassment and assaults, according to the BBC.

The Munich pool rules posters were actually first designed more than two years ago, revealing that the current issues facing the German people are nothing new, but have found a resurgence recently due to the massive influx of migrants over the past year.

“The ground rule of respect for women – whatever clothing they’re wearing – is unfortunately not respected by all our swimmers. That’s why there is an explicit indication about it,” a spokesman for Munich’s city government said in a statement.

Is this what our world is coming to, that we must post reminders to men that they aren’t allowed to simply grab and grope whatever women they want, whenever they want, wherever they want?

Furthermore, if these Muslim migrants and “refugees” were really as harmless and innocent as Obama and others purport them to be, would these kinds of signs really be necessary?

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