PHOTO: Navy SEAL Convoy Spotted on Highway With Trump Flag Attached to Vehicle

Navy SEAL Convoy Spotted on Highway With Trump Flag Attached to Vehicle

The military is currently investigating a Navy Special Warfare unit that flew a Trump flag while in convoy on the highway in Kentucky, according to news reports.

The lead vehicle in the group of four flew the flag, and was caught on video, according to Lt. Jacqui Maxwell, a spokeswoman for Naval Special Warfare Group 2.

Maxwell told ABC News that “the convoy were service members assigned to an East Coast-based Naval Special Warfare unit driving vehicles while transiting between two training locations.”

“Defense Department and Navy regulations prescribe flags and pennants that may be displayed as well as the manner of display,” she said. “The flag shown in the video was unauthorized.”

According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, military regulations governing political activity for service members state that sponsoring any “political candidate, campaign, or cause” should be avoided.

Here’s the problem with that — President Donald Trump is not a candidate. He’s the president of the United States. He’s these servicemen’s commander-in-chief.

That did not stop Chris Rowzee, spokeswoman for Indivisible Kentucky, an activist organization reportedly formed after Trump’s election victory, from telling the Courier-Journal that, “We are very concerned by this partisan political act by apparent military members in official military vehicles.”

“Our nation’s military must remain loyal to the Constitution, and not any one individual. It’s critical to our democracy that the American public be able to trust that their military is apolitical and nonpartisan,” she continued.

“This type of blatant partisan political display demonstrating allegiance to a singular person brings to mind the types of actions historically seen in authoritarian regimes and dictatorships. It’s chilling. I truly hope the Navy conducts a thorough investigation into this incident and takes appropriate corrective action.”

Well, wah.

It’s not a dictatorship — you just lost. Get over it.

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