PHOTO: Melania Trump Dropped JAWS With Her Debate Wardrobe Choice


The second presidential debate had many viewers wondering what the nominees would say or do, but Melania Trump stole the show with what she decided to wear.

The former model chose to don a pink pantsuit that was serious yet feminine at the same time. It was quite a different look from the off-the-shoulder black dress she wore to the first debate. The ensemble included a Gucci silk crepe shirt with a delicate bow tied at the neck.

Overall the effect was businesslike without being drab or unoriginal.

The look definitely got the attention of many, who thought it conveyed a powerful message.


Though less spectacular than previous outfits, the new one was more, well, presidential perhaps.

Some viewers thought that while the debate was a mess, Melania’s wardrobe was beautifully put together.

Also receiving attention was the name for the type of bow Melania wore, which is apparently called a “pussycat bow.” Some observers have taken this to be Melania’s way of trolling the press after last Friday’s video release of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump making derogatory statements about women in 2005.

That wouldn’t be a surprise, and it would be a unique way for her to get the internet talking.

Melania said the remarks her husband made were unacceptable, but did not represent the man she knew.

Whether the bow was an intentional move or not, Mrs. Trump looked both stunning and classy, which could have been her way of silently showing support for her husband.

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H/T The Daily Caller