PHOTO: Homeowner Makes Epic Addition to Neighbor’s Huge Hillary Sign, Goes Viral


If one were forced to name at least one good thing that has emerged from the insanely dramatic 2016 election cycle, it could be the fact that in choosing to back a particular candidate people have revealed to others around them exactly where they stood ideologically.

Of course, while such insight can enable the gathering of like-minded individuals who otherwise may never have come into contact, it can also result in growing feuds between family members, friends and even neighbors who support opposing nominees.

Take for example the following picture of two houses next to each other that has gone beyond viral on the internet recently, as it showed one house in support of Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton while the resident of the other house clearly was not.

Hilarious Hollywood conservative James Woods tweeted out the humorous picture with a caption that read: “What good neighbors are for…”

As you can see, while one house hung a banner displaying support for “Hillary,” their neighbors added their own banners to complete their own sentiments about the corrupt Democrat nominee.

The signs placed in the windows of their own house read “is a liar,” revealing their opinion of the would-be next president, one shared by a majority of Americans.

While it is entirely plausible that these neighbors had a good laugh at the ultimate outcome of their combined banner and signs, it seems rather unlikely.

In truth, these neighbors probably won’t be gathering for a friendly cookout anytime soon, as the polarizing election has made the drawn battle lines quite distinct.

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