Patricia Arquette Claims Next Terrorist Attack Could Be Set Up by Trump

Patricia Arquette Claims Next Terrorist Attack Could Be Set Up by Trump

For years liberals have accused conservatives of being conspiracy theorists and attempted to portray themselves as the only serious adults in this country.

But all of that changed during the 2016 election, and now that President Donald Trump resides at the White House, many liberals are falling all over themselves to perpetuate the latest conspiracy theories on how he was able to win and how he will keep a grip on power once his alleged ties to Russia are exposed.

For a shining example of how some have dived headfirst into the left side of the deep end of the pool, look no further than liberal Hollywood elitist actress Patricia Arquette, who put forth an “interesting” theory on social media following the recent terror attack in London, according to Newsbusters.

Arquette tweeted, “Remember this If there is a terrorist attack or any crap before this #TrumpRussia disaster is resolved it may be a #SetUp.”

The actress essentially insinuated that any future terrorist attacks could be a deliberate “false flag” attack purposely conducted in order to distract the American public from the alleged scandals surrounding the Trump administration.

Though Arquette’s theory received some agreement and support from similarly minded Twitter users, she also received quite a bit of opposition and mockery for her hypothesis.

Perhaps the best response was simply a GIF of Mulder and Scully from “The X-Files” casting knowing glances toward each other, with a caption that read: “@PattyArquette so when are you getting a meeting with these two?”

Prior to her conspiracy theory tweet about Trump fomenting terror attacks as a distraction, she had made Trump and his team a seemingly un-refusable offer of one-way plane tickets to Russia, provided of course that they renounce their citizenship, and presumably the presidency, according to The Smokeroom.

Arquette tweeted, “I offer Trump & team each a one way coach ticket to #Moscow offer expires at midnight. P.S You have to agree to surrender your US passport.”

Thus far we have heard no reports of bags packed or passports turned in, so Arquette will have to continue spouting insane theories and attacking the president for the time being. At least she saved some money by not having to buy all of those expensive plane tickets to Russia, though.

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