Pat Boone Unleashes on John Lewis, Exposes Who the REAL “Illegitimate” President Is

Pat Boone Unleashes on John Lewis Exposes Who the REAL Illegitimate President Is

The media have made much ado about civil rights notable and Georgia Democrat Rep. John Lewis calling President-elect Donald Trump an “illegitimate” president because of alleged Russian hacking and interference in the 2016 election, supposedly on Trump’s behalf.

Lewis’ remarks have spurred dozens of fellow House Democrats to join his boycott of the inauguration on Friday, but at least one other 1960s civil rights activist is questioning the portrayal of Trump as illegitimate, suggesting that outgoing President Barack Obama has already proven himself to be less than legitimate for the very same reasons suggested by Lewis.

In an op-ed for WND, famed singer-songwriter Pat Boone detailed his admiration and respect for what Lewis accomplished regarding civil rights and shared a few of his own unheralded contributions to the movement, before explaining why he has taken special exception to what Lewis said.

Though best known for his squeaky-clean image, Christian testimony and conservative activism, Boone — a Southerner — helped place African-American music in the cultural mainstream with his cover versions of rhythm-and-blues classics, wrote songs promoting racial justice, supported desegregation when doing so was controversial, and was a vigorous opponent of the South African apartheid regime.

First confronting the allegations of Russian hacking and interference that proved detrimental to Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Boone asked, “What did Donald Trump have to do with that? Answer: nothing.”

Boone said that any criticism of Trump was based on what people think he might do once he is in office and argued that we have eight years of evidence that Obama did the same things people are assuming Trump will do — such as fail to keep America secure, particularly in the realm of cyberspace.

He noted that Clinton, while serving in the Obama administration, had used an unsecured private server to conduct her official government business, a setup almost certainly hacked by foreign governments, including the Russians, and said that any detrimental information that may have been leaked came from Clinton and her closest associates.

As for the claim that Russia interfered in the American election, Boone pointed out that Obama had used U.S. taxpayer funds to assist the opposition to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the most recent Israeli elections.

Left unmentioned by Boone, but of equal importance, was Obama’s interference in the United Kingdom’s Brexit vote, which included his traveling to the British Isles to inform our British friends that they must remain in the European Union, lest they be moved to “the back of the queue” when it came to trade deals and alliances.

Boone asked, “What gives an American president the right to intervene so directly and overtly in another sovereign nation’s election? Is it wrong for Russia but acceptable for our president to do it?”

Boone also criticized Obama’s creation of 33 new regulatory agencies via executive actions — agencies led by appointed “czars” with none of the accountability to or oversight from Congress intended by the Constitution.

“What makes for ‘legitimacy,’ Mr. Lewis?” asked Boone. “Words and expressed intentions before assuming the presidency, or actual deeds and misdeeds and betraying the promise to ‘uphold the Constitution’ during eight years as president?”

We will patiently await a response from Rep. Lewis, but we won’t be holding our breath while doing so.

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