Oprah Endorses Hillary, Gets Surprise Message From Juanita Broaddrick 3 Hours later


While Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has focused on connecting with the American people during the general election cycle, Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton has focused on courting donors and celebrities.

Clinton has racked up a number of endorsements from celebrities (which isn’t a surprise). One of the celebrities who recently endorsed Clinton was Oprah Winfrey, Independent Journal Review reported.

Winfrey’s endorsement was lackluster at best, including the assertion that it isn’t necessary actually to like a person to vote for that person.

“You get into conversations — and there’s not a person in this room who hasn’t been in this same conversation — where people say, ‘I just don’t know if I like her,’” Winfrey said. “She’s not coming over to your house. You don’t have to like her.”

Less than three hours after Winfrey endorsed Clinton, Juanita Broaddrick, who has accused former President Bill Clinton of raping her, went on Twitter and lambasted Winfrey’s decision to endorse the Democrat nominee.

“Oprah – we don’t care what you think. We the people outnumber You, the privileged — We Vote No to the establishment,” she wrote.

Winfrey probably didn’t see that one coming, and it puts her in a difficult spot. On one hand she would like to support the first woman nominee for president. On the other hand, as someone who has stood up for women for decades, she can’t simply ignore the multiple women who have accused Clinton of rape over the years.

The smart thing for her to have done would have been simply not to endorse anyone, thereby avoiding a negative response.

It’s unlikely that Winfrey will take back her endorsement of Clinton because of what Broaddrick tweeted, but she probably isn’t going to campaign for her very much during the next two weeks.

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Source: conservativetribune.com