Onlookers Disgusted at Gross Rubbish Left Next to Stage At Hillary Rally


Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s tree-hugging, social-justice-loving supporters are nothing but sniveling hypocrites, plain and simple.

The mounds of gross trash that they left for the custodians after a campaign rally Sunday at the Osceola County Stadium in Kissimmee, Florida, proved it.

Considering all the nonsense about alleged environmental damage and the myth of climate change they often peddle, one would think that Clinton’s supporters would have shown a bit more respect for the venue. Sadly, they did not.

After the culmination of the rally, which reportedly featured President Barack Obama and singer Stevie Wonder, the field was a hot mess of refuse, according to The Gateway Pundit:


Featured among the mounds of trash were signs for the Democrat nominee and her campaign slogan, “Stronger Together.”

Can you imagine a supporter of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump ever leaving a “Make America Great Again” slogan lying on the ground like an empty soda bottle?


The rubbish was extensive even though the size of the crowd was reportedly minuscule, “as the turnout did not match planning for the event,” the Gateway Pundit reported.

Even at Trump’s largest events, however, barely any trash could be seen afterwards.

Take a look at the following picture from an event held Saturday in Tampa:


Can you detect the difference between this rally and the one for Clinton?

This hypocrisy is truly something for the ages.Here’s the truth: Leaving mounds of refuse lying around showed an immense lack of class and dignity, though in all fairness one must say that this classlessness by Clinton’s supporters perfectly matched her own oftentimes boorish and corrupt nature.

Talk about a match made in heaven — or perhaps some warmer place not to be confused with Florida.

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