Ohio Gov. Kasich Gets Destroyed on Twitter for Pushing Ohio to Accept More Refugees


Ohio Gov. John Kasich found himself back in the spotlight after details about the Ohio State attack revealed that the attacker was a Somali refugee who entered the state under the federal government’s refugee resettlement program.

That’s a program former GOP presidential hopeful Kasich supported, which allowed thousands of refugees into Ohio.

Yesterday, the governor sent his “thoughts and prayers” to the victims, but that wasn’t enough to stop the online tirade he received for allowing refugees into the state.

So irate citizens took to Twitter to let the governor know exactly how they felt about the situation.

Others called out the governor for forcing Ohio residents to accept the refugees.

Some users pointed out how dangerous accepting refugees was.

One user sarcastically thanked Kasich for making Ohio students less safe.

Others put blame exactly where they believed it was due.

Some didn’t mince words.

Kasich told Fox News’ Sean Hannity last September that he wouldn’t tell refugees that they couldn’t come to Ohio, BizPac Review reported.

Kasich, a proponent of Obama’s refugee program, called President-elect Donald Trump’s position on Muslim immigration “excessive nationalism.”

“When I look at immigration, I look at a new level of energy. I look at immigration as an opportunity,” Kasich said in an interview with The Huffington Post last summer. “We want people to come to Ohio. We want to integrate these folks. We want them to become part of our economic dynamo.”

Unfortunately, these kinds of attacks can be expected when refugees aren’t properly vetted in Obama’s America.

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