OCTOBER SURPRISE: Hillary Reveals Her REAL Agenda in Bombshell Wikileaks Dump


Coincidences rarely happen in politics. The liberal media proved that yet again on Friday when they conveniently released a tape of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump making some off-color remarks about women in 2005.

Friday was also the same day that Wikileaks released thousands of emails from the Clinton campaign that revealed some very damaging information about Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s real policies.

Some of the emails that were released appeared to contain transcripts of Clinton’s paid speeches to Wall Street — speeches that she was criticized for during the Democrat primary for not releasing.

Reading through these speeches, it is easy to see why she refused to release them. In one speech Clinton talked about her “dream,” but in reality it’s more like a nightmare.

“My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders,” she said.

Feel those chills going down your spine? That’s realization that Clinton’s economic policies are far worse than anything we could have imagined — and she’s very close to becoming our next president.

People should be much more concerned about a liar and a crook who wants to create a common market in the Western hemisphere than with someone who said some really stupid comments over a decade ago.

While the liberal media is going to keep running the Trump tape from now until Election Day, it’s important to spread the word about these Clinton emails.

Trump’s personal remarks, as crude and disgusting as they were, were just that — personal. Clinton’s remarks represent actual policies she wants to implement that, if carried out, could lead to a complete economic disaster for this country.

Trump’s remarks from 2005 don’t reveal anything about his political positions in 2016. Clinton’s private remarks from a few years ago do. Keep that in mind when you vote in November.

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Source: conservativetribune.com



  1. Hillary wants a new world order , to help the antichrist rule the earth for 7 years, Hillary is a 4 level witch, she one evil witch