Oct. Surprise Trump Audio Is BAD, But Here’s What Hillary Didn’t Want Us to Hear


Late Friday afternoon The Washington Post did Democrat vice presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s dirty work and published an October surprise — highly damaging secret recordings from 2005 of Republican rival Donald Trump making extremely lewd comments about women.

The timing is not a mistake, and the election — and possibly the nation’s future — rests on how we respond. We must get this right.

The Post dropped the bombshell audio less than 72 hours before the second presidential debate — and on a Friday afternoon. That means the Trump camp will have virtually no chance to respond in any meaningful way before the debate.

Here’s the video, in case you missed it (WARNING: Graphic content may offend some viewers):

As the left doubtless hoped, social media immediately erupted with calls for Mike Pence and any other evangelicals — and decent human beings in general — to abandon the Trump ship. Crises of conscience beset many Trump voters who got an unvarnished look at someone who had become their hero. Many wondered if they should just stay home on Nov. 8.

This is exactly the effect Hillary, the Democrat establishment and the mainstream media wanted. Their goal was to destroy not just Trump but his supporters’ morale and sense of certainty about his superiority to Hillary.

But there is also a response to all of this that Hillary didn’t want anyone to hear, so we have to spread it everywhere. Hillary. Cannot. Win.

Three simple words that supercede every loutish phrase, crude comment, and crass innuendo to every pass Donald Trump’s lips. Hillary. Cannot. Win.

BUT THIS ELECTION ISN’T ABOUT MANNERS or the business skills of a real estate tycoon. It’s about four more years of Obama-class socialism. It’s about four years’ worth of judicial appointments — which will shape the country for generations. It’s about crushing radical Islam. It’s about preserving for our children some part of the America we all know.

If Hillary Clinton wins, any hope of achieving those goals evaporates like warm air breathed into a cold night.

And a cold night it will be. Obamacare will be taken to the next level — a single-payer program, which will then become mandatory for all Americans. Participation in the work force will continue to plummet, as it has for the last eight years, leaving Americans poorer and more welfare-dependent. Food stamp rolls will continue to explode.

Race relations will descend into an even worse state as those in power continue to use race as their bludgeon of choice for all who dare oppose them. Multiple Supreme Court justices will be replaced, putting every constitutional protection we have within striking distance of the extreme left. The Second Amendment will be targeted with all the firepower President Hillary Clinton can muster. And if you think she won’t be able to touch it, just think back to where the country was on gay marriage and marijuana legalization just a few years ago.

American military might will limp along, like a rusting hulk headed for the junkyard. And of course, radical Islam will be free to roam wherever it desires.

Said more briefly, this election is NOT about Trump. It’s about Hillary and the future of America.

Hillary DESPERATELY needs the election to be about Trump … or really anything other than her. That’s why this audio leaked now. She’s trying to get good-hearted Americans to recoil from the wretchedness they hear Trump saying, and in so doing desert and punish him.

I’m not ready to sacrifice my country just to punish Donald Trump!

We cannot — CANNOT — let Hillary Clinton have the presidency and the country just to teach Trump a lesson. The country is too important. Your vote is too important.

Do not let Hillary and her media lapdogs get away with this.

Hold your nose. Vote Trump. Stop Hillary. Save America.

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Source: conservativetribune.com