Obama’s Statement on Fidel Castro’s Death Whitewashes History


President Obama’s “Statement on the Passing of Fidel Castro” is a transparent tip-toe around the truth and a blue ribbon effort not to offend supporters of murderous autocracies like Fidel’s legacy in Cuba.  

Obama continues his statement through a whole lot of nothing before closing with enough self-praise, readers might think him mourning the final curtain of his presidency, rather than addressing the death of a dictator.

Castro was a bloodthirsty monster who stomped on Cuba with a huge commie boot for five solid decades before having the grace to get sick, wither up, and finally die early Saturday morning.


Yes, we should extend an American hand of friendship to the Cuban people.  Friendship, though, is not gained via spineless synapses of how Castro “altered the course” of “lives, families, and the Cuban nation” nor by parodies on judgement from a history dominated by oppression.

“Like” seeking presidents such as Obama neglect to mention yesterday if they can afford it, let alone history, even if it means burying some small token of justice to the Cuban dead on whom Castro built his regime.

To call Obama a coward might give him too much credit.

Perhaps he held his tongue not because he would not condemn, but because he could not praise.

Perhaps Obama would have liked to mourn Castro as a “legendary revolutionary and orator,” as Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau did.  If so, Obama adequately shrouded his respect for great orators with the long string of self love he shamelessly resorts to whenever he doesn’t want you to know what he’s thinking.

Meanwhile, as President Elect Donald Trump said, “Fidel Castro is dead!”

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Source: thefederalistpapers.org