Obama Golfed While Thousands of Violent Anti-Trump Rioters Caused Chaos


President Barack Obama proved just how much he cared about the state of the nation and the protests erupting over last week’s presidential election by doing something that has become a signature of his administration.

He played golf.

That’s right. Instead of attempting to address the thousands protesters and encourage them to be peaceful and act like grown-ups, he decided to ignore what was happening and essentially bury his head in the sand.

According to CBS News White House correspondent, Mark Knoller, Obama arrived was already golfing Saturday just before noon.

How comforting for those who were attacked.

After enjoying the links, he left five hours later.

Obama had so much fun not worrying about the protests, he returned to the course on Sunday.

Obama has yet to issue a statement on the riots, in which “peaceful” protesters have called for the assassination of Trump. Some protesters have even held up signs that say “Rape Melania.” Neither Obama, the Democrats nor the mainstream media have called out these individuals for being childish and unreasonable because they lost an election. Instead, they choose to focus on hate.

The sad thing is, we don’t expect Obama to make a statement, primarily because of his track record. He has a habit of heading to the golf course instead of heading to the Situation Room when a crisis occurs. This pastime has earned him the reputation of being somewhat of a joke.

These protests show the world just how tolerant the left is — they may espouse all kinds of ideas about being the party that is open-minded and fair, but in reality, it appears they can’t live up to their words. They’re all about peace and tolerance when they’re the party in charge. Once they lose power, they become a bunch of crybabies that feel they deserve the right to protest and burn down businesses because of their so-caled righteous indignation.

It’s about time we have a commander in chief who will stand up to these problems.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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