Obama Goes Off on Reporter Who Dares Ask Question That Didn’t Get Pre-Approval


While the liberal media may fawn over President Barack Obama and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton on a daily basis, the feeling most assuredly is not mutual.

At the White House on Tuesday, Obama scolded The Washington Post reporter David Nakamura, who had the audacity to ask him a question during a news conference — a question that hadn’t been approved ahead of time, The Washington Times reported.

“I appreciate you shouting out a question, since I’m sure there are a lot of colleagues of yours who would like to do the same,” Obama sarcastically replied to the reporter who was asking a question about illegal immigration.

Obama was holding the news conference with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renz, and they were only taking a few questions from a group of pre-selected reporters.

Obama did reply to Nakamura’s question, but with the air of someone doing an unpleasant task.

“Actually, David, they (illegal immigrants) spiked heavily in 2014, went down significantly in 2015, have gone back up this year in part because there’s still desperation in Central America. But they’re still not at the levels they were in 2014,” he said.

You can see the interaction here:

Both Obama and Clinton have shown immense disdain for the media. They don’t like answering questions that aren’t scripted in their favor, and they certainly don’t like being challenged about their policies.

If only the media would open their eyes and see that all the special favors they have done for Clinton (and probably for Obama as well) haven’t earned them any special favors.

While Trump actively calls out reporters for being openly biased, he still respects that the media have an important job to do (even if they don’t do it that well) and he by-and-large lets them ask him whatever they want.

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