Obama Checked His Blackberry Every Morning, but Trump Actually Reads the Papers

Obama Checked His Blackberry Every Morning but Trump Actually Reads the Papers

President Donald Trump starts his mornings quite differently from former President Barack Obama. Instead of reaching for a mobile device and surfing the internet, Trump gets his information the old-fashioned way — by reading newspapers, watching television and listening to the radio.

Trump reportedly reads The New York Times and the New York Post every morning, while skimming The Wall Street Journal, aides close to Trump told Axios.com. “Friends assume” he’ll now add The Washington Post to the morning regimen, the article reported.

In the past, Trump would generally refrain from reading papers that publish unflattering material about him, and he “had started skipping” the New York Daily News for that reason, according to Axios.

Trump marks up what he’s reading with a Sharpie. If he wants a member of his staff to take some action on a story, he’ll write down his commentary on a copy of the article and either hand it to the staffer personally or have another aide create a PDF of the document and email it to the appropriate person, advisers told Axios.

Most mornings, Trump will tune in to CNN’s “Morning Joe,” and Fox News’ “Fox & Friends.” He also watches Sunday shows, especially “Meet the Press.”

Trump also reportedly listens to New York talk radio.

While Trump enjoys tweeting, he often dictates his Twitter postings and has a staffer hit “send,” Axios reported.

Trump’s approach is similar to that of former President George W. Bush, with the major difference being that Trump fights back against any negative press he gets. That’s important because it helps keep his critics in check. It will also help keep Republicans from getting crushed like they did when they defended Bush, who rarely took it upon himself to address any criticism.

Trump has no problem firing back against those who want to smear him, and that’s one reason why so many Americans voted for him.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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