NYT Publishes Photo Of Hillary Being Booed By Trump Supporters At Her Own Rally


Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has so relied on The New York Times that her campaign has referred to them as “our media.” However, even they can’t hide the fact that Clinton’s rallies haven’t exactly been sought-after events.

During an appearance in Pompano Beach, Florida, on Sunday, Clinton was mobbed with supporters.

Unfortunately, according to The Gateway Pundit, they weren’t exactly the supporters that she wanted.

As you may perhaps have noticed, the fans swamping her were holding Trump/Pence signs. I’m going to guess they’re not exactly “with her.”


Perhaps most hilariously, this piece appeared on the same page as a story headlined “Democrats See A Turnout Edge In Swing States.” Did whoever was putting together The New York Times’ front page bother to look at the picture that would be appearing just two columns to the left? Last I checked, Florida was still a swing state.

This, sadly, is the tail end of a brutal trend we’ve noticed these last few months. While Trump has been holding rallies that draw tens of thousands of people, World Team Tennis games draw more fans than Hillary pep rallies.

And her running mate, Tim Kaine, is doing even worse. A recent report indicated that he was cancelled an event without notice due to complete lack of interest.

In all fairness, I wouldn’t want to listen to the soporific senator from the Old Dominion any more than I had to, either.

It seems that even The New York Times can’t keep from pointing out just how little support may exist for Hillary Clinton. Sure, liberals may want to vote for her over the alternatives, but they sure don’t like her, or at least they don’t like her enough to listen to her speak.

Hillary Clinton had better get used to it. Especially with the latest revelations about her emails and the reopening of the FBI’s investigation, those crowds are going to get even smaller.

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