NYT Humiliates Obama With Epic 2-Word Description of How Iraqi Fighters View Trump


Did a meteor just fall from the sky?

Nope. The earth-shattering cosmic boom you just heard was the sound of Iraqis celebrating the election victory of President-elect Donald Trump.

Although Trump’s anti-extremism rhetoric offends American liberals, some Iraqis are hopeful that he will bring his hard-line stance toward the Islamic State group directly to the Middle East, according to The New York Times. Iraqis are sick of Islam being used to justify mass killing and destruction.

And the way even The Times described Iraqi feelings about Trump has to just stick in President Barack Obama’s craw. The liberal Gray Lady said Iraqis consider Trump a “truth-teller.” Ouch.


As The Times put it: “Iraqis have endured years of Islam being used to justify mass killing, as some see Mr. Trump as a truth-teller in calling out Islam — or a certain brand of it — as the problem.”

In other words, Trump gets criticized by American liberals — including The New York Times — for what Iraqis call telling the truth about Islam.

According to another Times piece, Iraqi Shiites say they believe Trump will take a harder line on Saudi Arabia, the Sunni power that many see as the incubator of extremist Wahhabism.

“The victory of Trump is the beginning of the end of extremist Islam and Wahhabism,” said Mouwafak al-Rubaie, an Iraqi lawmaker and the country’s former national security adviser.

Iraqis showed widespread support for Donald Trump even before the election, believing that Clinton’s approach was too soft, according to Fox News.

Trump repeatedly called out former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration for not using the terms “radical Islam.” He has vowed to defeat terrorism, and many Iraqis say they have hope that his decisive leadership will defeat the Islamic State group, which has brutalized parts of Iraq, Syria and Libya and plotted attacks on the West.

“We have no concerns about the policy of Trump because he is against extremism,” said Saad al-Hadithi, the spokesman for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of Iraq. “We think we are facing one enemy, and that is fighting ISIS. Therefore, I do not think there are fears or concerns about a new American policy.”

Clearly, the Iraqis, who have suffered under radical extremism, understand what American liberals don’t: to defeat an evil, you have to name it.

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Source: conservativetribune.com