NY Assemblyman Goes Viral With Epic Letter Written To State Universities.


For the past week, liberals across America have taken to the streets to denounce President-elect Donald Trump. Colleges have excused students from class and offered therapy sessions to make sure the little snowflakes don’t melt because they didn’t get their way.

Many millions of Americans have viewed these triggered masses with disgust, and New York Assemblyman Al Graf is one of them. He wrote a blistering letter to the State University of New York (SUNY) demanding to know why they are letting college students miss class to go chant in the streets.

“Correct me if I’m mistaken, but the mission of SUNY is to educate our future leaders and professionals,” Graf wrote.

“What messages are we sending our students when we create an environment that instills in them that if they are unhappy with the results of an election … that they are free to drop everything and escape to some safe space for universal contemplation of some event that may or may not have upset them?” he continued.

The protests we have seen in the streets over the past week are exactly what happens when you raise an entire generation of people to believe they deserve some sort of consolation prize for losing.

These people were never taught that you don’t always get what you want in life. In the real world there is no “participation prize.” Either you win or you lose. Real adults accept either one and work to do better next time.

“How are we preparing these students for real life when we foster in them that it is acceptable to not perform their chosen occupation because they feel badly about some unrelated event?” Graf wrote.

These millennials need to understand that in a democracy, if you don’t win you accept the results of the election and you move on — no matter how much you don’t like the person who won.

Over the past eight years you haven’t seen Republicans demanding to be excused from their jobs and from school because they wanted to go riot over Obama.

No, instead Republicans worked hard and made a response through the political process. That’s how democracy really works.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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