New Press Secretary Believed to Be Fox News Favorite


President-elect Donald Trump has been working at a furious pace over the past few weeks to interview hundreds of people for the many positions that need to be filled in his administration before he takes the oath of office in January.

While Trump has officially announced several nominations, some of the key spots like secretary of state and White House press secretary have yet to be formally announced — but speculation has been running wild.

For a time, talk-show host Laura Ingraham was rumored to be under consideration for press secretary, but now Politico has reported that Fox News’ Monica Crowley may be under consideration as well.

Crowley was an early Trump supporter who spent a large amount of time arguing that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s health was a fair topic of conversation and defended Trump from his various detractors.

Crowley wrote a very powerful op-ed for The Washington Times after the election, calling the election of Trump a return to national center-right normalcy and arguing that President Barack Obama’s leftist agenda was an aberration that helped Trump win.

The New York Post reported that the Trump transition team had “approached” Crowley about a position on the communications team, but the report did not specifically mention press secretary.

“It would be an honor to serve in the new administration,” Crowley reportedly said.

At this point these names are simply rumors floating in the air, but they do seem to indicate what sort of person Trump is looking for to fill the press secretary spot.

Trump knows that the media aren’t going to be kind to him while he is in office, so he is going to need a tough and strong person to combat the media’s narrative on a daily basis.

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