New Polls Show Increase in Trump’s Approval Rating, Confidence in America

New Polls Show Increase in Trumps Approval Rating Confidence in America

The campaign may be long over, but it looks like the Trump train is still gaining steam.

According to a poll taken by Morning Consult/Politico, 52 percent of Americans approved of the job that Donald Trump was doing, compared to only 43 percent who disapproved.

The approval figure was up from 49 percent in the same poll just after his inauguration.

According to Townhall, the poll also showed that on issues like jobs, immigration, health care, energy and the economy, America trusted Republicans more. The environment was the only issue on which the Democrats won outright, for what it’s worth.

“When asked about the direction of the country, 46 percent of Americans said they believe the country is on the right track, up 4 points since a late January poll and up 17 points since immediately after Election Day, when just 29 percent of voters felt the same way,” Morning Consult reported.  “Still, 54 percent of voters said the country is on the wrong track, 4 percentage points lower than immediately after Trump took office.

“Despite several public controversies, the two measurements have remained relatively steady, and almost all of the movement has been in Trump’s direction among all voters.”

Yes, it seems that the “public controversies” — namely, the constant peddling by the mainstream media of some sort of Boris-and-Natasha connection to Russia that doesn’t seem to exist — hasn’t done much to dull the public’s slow warming to Trump. I wonder why that might be happening?

“Much of the gains track with positive economic indicators during his first few weeks in office, including a strong jobs report and stock market gains,” Morning Consult reported. “The S&P 500 Index is up more than 100 points since Trump’s inauguration, and on Friday the White House took a victory lap after government figures showed a gain of 235,000 jobs during his first full month in office.”

Oh yeah, there’s that.

Yes, in spite of all of the Democrats’ best efforts to paint Trump as a disaster, things have actually gone quite well so far. And America’s reacting to that — much to the consternation of the left.

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