New Poll Reveals What Happened to Trump’s Favorability After Election


Following the election victory of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, the billionaire’s approval rating among Americans suddenly skyrocketed.

“Donald Trump’s favorable rating has improved from 34% to 42% after his election as president,” Gallup announced Thursday. “While a majority in the U.S. still have an unfavorable view of him, his image is the best it has been since March 2011 when 43% viewed him positively.”

Sadly, Trump still had plenty of further approval to gain were he to achieve his lifetime high of 50 percent, recorded by Gallup in 2005.

The good news for now, however, was that his favorability had gone up among all Americans, including even pesky Democrats:


It was among Republicans that his favorability increased the most, rising from 71 percent to 82 percent. Likewise, his rating increased from 32 percent to 39 percent percent with independents.

With Democrats, Trump’s approval was at a meager 10 percent, but at least that was five percentage points more than it had been prior to his election victory.

The problem, though, was that the Democrats’ negative view of him was dragging down his overall score, thus keeping it lower than the favorability ratings attained by President Barack Obama and his predecessors, including former President George W. Bush and former President Bill Clinton.

Specifically, Obama, Bush and Clinton earned favorability ratings of 68, 59 and 58 percent, respectively, when they were initially elected to office in 2008, 2000 and 1992.


The president-elect was obviously not exceptionally well-liked, though luckily for him this did not prevent him from winning the election — due in large part to the significantly high unfavorability rating of his opponent, Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

Whether or not he could one day catch up with President Obama, whose approval rating reportedly was at a notable high of 57 percent by late November, remained to be seen.

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