Is New $100 Coin an Homage to Michelle Obama?

Is New 100 Coin an Homage to Michelle Obama

The United States Mint’s new $100 commemorative coin is raising more than a few eyebrows, not for what it depicts, but possibly whom, according to Eagle Rising.

The face on the coin is a young African-American woman who looks startlingly familiar. That jawline, those eyebrows, that mouth, the ears …

The Washington Times reported that the coin, which commemorates the 225th anniversary of the U.S. Mint, was set for release in April.

Like everyone, beautiful black women have a wide range of facial features. A quick Google search of “beautiful black women face profiles” yielded quite a few stunning images. None of them looked like the coin, however, except, let’s just say it, Michelle Obama.

Three Black Women

A biennial series intended to highlight the diversity of the allegorical Liberty, future coins will portray her as Asian-American, Hispanic-American, Indian-American, and more, according to Fortune. The Mint’s intent for the series is to start a conversation about the ideal of “Liberty” and what it means in our evolving society.

Two federal panels recommended the design, according to The Washington Post. William Gibbs, manager of numismatic magazine Coin World, told The Post, “Some accused the Mint of being ‘politically correct’ by selecting the portrait, or blamed the Obama White House for the decision.”

Gibbs asserted that the White House was not involved in the coin design selection.

As America embraces diversity in real terms, including equal representation in places of power, depiction of historical figures of color is something to celebrate. Harriet Tubman, the former slave turned Union scout, spy, nurse, and freedom guide, will soon be the new face on the $20 bill, according to The New York Times.

The image on the coin is beautiful, and it certainly seems to favor Michelle Obama. It could be an homage to her … an homage we’re now stuck with.

One of the most recognized faces in the world, Obama has made her intention clear to stay in Washington and in politics. President Barack Obama will also stay in Washington to further his agenda once he’s a private citizen again.

Will these people NEVER leave?

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