Navy Sailors To Grab Thanksgiving Plates Between ISIS Bombing Runs


Thousands of United States sailors will be celebrating Thanksgiving today by doing something traditional, in a not so traditional way. This is pretty amazing.

According to, “the 5,200 sailors aboard the USS Eisenhower are busy launching fighter jets to strike Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria,” while the rest of the nation spends Thanksgiving with family and friends.

The sailors will be partaking in festivities, reportedly carving their own roasted turkeys, “when their duties aboard the thousand-foot long American aircraft carrier allow.”

While part of the crew is assisting the fighter jets to take off from the aircraft carrier, others might be more directly engaged in combat bombing Islamic State group targets, and still others were preparing the Thanksgiving meal.

This is not a bad thing, according to Navy Capt. Paul C. Speeder Jr.

“It’s not going to stop us from having a great Thanksgiving meal,” Spedero said. “We’re going to watch football when we can. It’ll probably be a little bit time-delayed but we’re going to do all the things that we can do and what we can expect to do with our families back home.”

He also noted that 1,100 bombs have been dropped on Islamic State group targets since June.

“It’s like the Super Bowl. We care about Christmas, yes indeed, but Thanksgiving we try to show out,” Culinary specialist Antonio Brown remarked about the importance of the holiday. “When everybody is able to sit down and eat a nice, healthy, nutritious meal and everything, it’s like it takes them back.”

To get an idea of how the men and women who protect our country are spending this holiday, look to fighter pilot Lt. Jennifer Sandifer, who plans to grab a bite of turkey to eat in the morning before taking off into the sky in an F/A-18E Super Hornet. For six to nine hours, she’ll strike targets in Syria and Iraq, perhaps in Mosul, a strategic city in northern Iraq, where the terrorists have been hammered by coalition forces in recent weeks.

Be thankful for the countless men and women who are serving our country so that we can continue to uphold American traditions such as Thanksgiving and be surrounded by those we consider our closest friends and family.

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