Muslims Won’t Eat Pork, So Fed-Up Mayor Tells Them to Get Out

Muslims Wont Eat Pork So Fed-Up Mayor Tells Them to Get Out

A French town facing budget constraints has announced that it is going to cut out non-pork alternatives on days it serves pork for students in its schools, spiking outrage from Muslim parents who say the decision by the mayor discriminates against them.

According to the U.K. Express, Marcel Berthomé — the centrist mayor of the southwestern French city of Saint-Seurin — said the town was “struggling” and that he made the decision for “financial reasons.”

“Some children don’t eat pork, some don’t eat fish and some don’t eat beef,” the mayor said. “This is not a politically motivated decision. I do not want Muslims to feel stigmatized. The town is in debt and we cannot afford to cook two different dishes a day.

“So, if you’re not happy, don’t eat at school!” he said.

The school district said that no more than 15 children would be affected by the decision. That didn’t stop parents from protesting bitterly about the decision. France Bleu reported that the parents demonstrated outside the school earlier this month.

“The mayor took this decision alone. We, as parents, were not consulted,” one parent said. “I am a Muslim, yes, but I am also a citizen. We’re no different than anyone else.

“We pay local taxes and we pay for our children’s school meals. It should not be up to the mayor to decide what’s in my child’s plate,” she added. “He’s basically saying: ‘You eat or you go.’”

It is worth pointing out, however, that students could either bring a lunch or eat one of the side dishes. It’s also worth pointing out that this sort of situation is likely to become a problem for many communities.

While we would never advocate deliberately discriminating against people because of their religion, they ought not get special rights, either — especially when money is tight.

We get the feeling Saint-Seurin won’t be the only place making decisions like this.

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