Muslims Scream Racism After Prayer Room Closed, Then Their Dirty Secret Comes Out

Muslims Scream Racism After Prayer Room Closed Then Their Dirty Secret Comes Out

Three German universities have decided to give Muslim pray rooms the boot. Needless to say, the users of those rooms were definitely not happy — a petition was distributed, accusations were thrown and an entitlement mentality unleashed.

The Muslims claim that this move was blatant discrimination, according to The Local. “You easily feel discriminated against by people if they don’t talk to you and then say, ‘You can’t practice your religion as you are used to,’” Ender Cetin, chairman at the Sehitlik Mosque in Berlin, warned.

Amid the chaos, it was found out that Muslim men were actually imposing gender segregation upon Muslim women by giving smaller pray rooms to the women.

The pray rooms have therefore since been replaced with “rooms of silence.”

“The attempt to create a pan-religious meditation space has failed,” said a university spokesperson.

“Pan-religious mediation space” is, without a doubt, the quintessence of leftist ideals — a safe space where tolerance and religion can harmonize peacefully.

Wait, wait — what did the spokesman say at the end? Oh yeah, that it “has failed.” The unvarnished and most pure form of liberal thinking has officially shown its true colors (again) — failure.

The spokesman’s statement makes a great deal of sense because those who follow the teachings of the Quran can’t “coexist” with women, whom they’re commanded to oppress, or Christians and Jews, whom they’re commanded to terrorize and kill.

At the end of the day, discriminating against your own women, even in the slightest way, is a much more serious offense than a place of education stripping a group of their little rooms and mats.

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