Muslim Woman Goes Viral After INCREDIBLE Op-Ed Supporting Donald Trump


Following President-elect Donald Trump’s stunning victory over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, liberals immediately began claiming that everyone who voted for Trump was a white racist and that America was doomed.

One Muslim woman saw all the rhetoric on social media and decided to teach those who were crying racism a lesson. Asra Q. Nomani, a liberal Muslim woman, wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post in which she “came out” as a Trump supporter.

“I — a 51-year-old, a Muslim, an immigrant woman ‘of color’ — am one of those silent voters for Donald Trump. And I’m not a ‘bigot,’ ‘racist,’ ‘chauvinist’ or ‘white supremacist,’ as Trump voters are being called, nor part of some ‘whitelash,’” she wrote.

Nomani went on to explain that she had many traditional liberal stances, but it was the crushing weight of Obamacare, plus Trump’s stance of fighting Islamic terrorism, that convinced her to cast her ballot for him.

“But I am a single mother who can’t afford health insurance under Obamacare. The president’s mortgage-loan modification program, ‘HOPE NOW,’ didn’t help me,” she wrote. “I have been opposed to the decision by President Obama and the Democratic Party to tap dance around the ‘Islam’ in Islamic State.”

While she did admit that some of Trump’s rhetoric was extreme, she dismissed it as campaign rhetoric that will change drastically once he is in office — and even if it doesn’t change, the nation has a system of checks and balances to stop anything horrible from happening.

“The revelations of multimillion-dollar donations to the Clinton Foundation from Qatar and Saudi Arabia killed my support for Clinton,” she added.

There are probably thousands more people like Nomani out there — people who would normally never vote for a Republican but ended up voting for Trump due to a number of unusual circumstances, including Clinton’s corruption.

Trump won the elect fair and square. The rioting masses need to understand that. Right now Trump is working hard to craft an administration that will help him carry out his agenda to help all Americans, even those who didn’t vote for him.

He deserves an open mind from all of us, and a chance to do the right thing.

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