Muslim Asks Wife to Do Something “Special” for Him, Slices Her to Bits When She Says No

Muslim Asks Wife to Do Something Special for Him Slices Her to Bits When She Says No

A former Australian terror suspect presumed to be a Muslim savagely murdered his wife in June and reportedly dumped her battered body outside, and the fact that he had desired to take both her and their three kids to Syria suggested that perhaps he killed her because she refused the request.

“We haven’t heard from her,” a friend of the killer’s wife, Zaynab, told Australian news service Network Ten after her body was discovered by investigators in mid-July. “He does not want us to see her. He wanted to take them to Syria. The last time we saw her was five months ago.”

Police believed therefore that there may have been a link between the killing committed by Bassam Raad, 42, and his involvement in the nation’s biggest terror trial several years prior.

“Raad was among 12 men accused of planning terror attacks in Melbourne, but was later acquitted following a high-profile terror trial in 2008,” the site reported.

However, authorities also suspected that Zaynab may have simply been the victim of domestic abuse. Her body was reportedly found near the couple’s home badly battered and with her fingers cut off.

As for the kids, they were reportedly hurt during the altercation that led to her death. Specifically, one was left unconscious and the other suffered broken bones, according to

To see local coverage about this case, please watch the video below:

The U.K. Daily Mail added that according to Raad’s former martial arts instructor, he had wanted to teach his children how to fight. How to fight what? Infidels, perhaps?

Though the evidence in this case remains scant at the moment, this limited evidence points to Bassam Raad having killed his wife because she refused his request to take their kids to Syria and teach them how to fight infidels.

If true, it would be very sad, though not surprising given what we know about radical Islam …

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