Mother Gets Terrible News About Son’s “Rash”… Then Sees Book Lying Open


In a Facebook post, a mother described the amazing thing that happened when she received an unusual answer to the problem of her son’s rash.

On Feb. 21, Mandy Suzanne Smith wrote a Facebook post describing the ordeal she was facing.

“(This) may be just another day to everyone else, but for me, It’s a day that will forever be burned into my head,” the post began.

She wrote about the day being the two-year anniversary of when her son came down with a horrible rash that she thought was poison oak. But soon after she had applied a cream to treat the symptoms, the rash spread all over her son’s body and face — and that is when doctors and nurses suspected something terrible.


“A nurse practitioner told us that she believed Zachary had sjs (Stevens Johnson syndrome). It literally burns you from the inside out,” she wrote.

“He had been taking a medication called lamotrigine (lamictal) for migraines he had been having,” Smith explained. “We never even thought what was going on with him could have been an allergic reaction because he had been on it for 12 days.”

Indeed the medicine was the culprit, and soon Smith and her son were transferred to a children’s hospital where they stayed for four days.

“With every day that passed we watched him get worse and worse and still felt like we had no answers,” the heartbroken mother wrote.

On Feb. 26, after her son’s diagnoses was upgraded from SJS to Tens, the family was airlifted to an Augusta Georgia burn unit.

“By this point, it had gotten so bad that Zachary’s skin had began to blister and bubble up and was actually coming off,” she said.


When the family arrived at the hospital, they were told that Zachary was to be put in a medically induced coma and that his burned skin would be removed to allow new skin to form underneath.


When doctors could not reassure Smith that even with treatment, her son would be OK, she broke down. She eventually checked into a hotel, and it was there that she received the reassurance she sought.

“We checked in and I went to my room. When I walked in I seen a Bible laying out on the desk and was opened to John 9. So I started to read it. It was a verse about how Jesus had healed a blind man by putting mud on his eyes and then telling him to go to Siloam and wash it off, and when he did his sight was restored. It was then and there at that exact moment that I had received my reassurance,” Smith stated.

“I knew this was the lord telling me, ‘I’ve got this, put your faith in me and I will deliver’ and that is exactly what he did. Zachary’s body had been 90% affected. He also had infection in his lungs. He was very very sick but after being there a month he was alive, awake, and he was healing! The lord put his hands on him and restored him just as the blind man was restored.”

But that wasn’t the end of the story.


Here is the kicker: “Zachary told us that While he was in his coma, he was never actually asleep, and that a strong angel named Samson held him in his arms, and that he had also seen his mawmaw patsy that had passed. He said he laid in her lap and she scratched his back. If that’s not the work of God then I just don’t know what is.”

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