Moroccan Immigrant Hurls Women in Front of Train

Moroccan Immigrant Hurls Women in Front of Train

When will Germany say, “Enough is enough”?

In the latest incident in Germany‘s immigrant crime wave, a 16-year-old Moroccan boy pushed a 34-year-old woman onto the subway tracks in Hamburg early Wednesday morning.

The victim was fortunate that officials on the scene were able to stop the next train.

The Moroccan, in Germany illegally, had just escaped from a police station, having been arrested a few hours earlier for assault at another subway station. German newspaper Die Welt reported that the assailant was well known to the police.

Closed-circuit television footage reviewed by officers showed the youth attempting to reach into the woman’s handbag at around 1:00 a.m. but being spotted by his intended victim, according to Breitbart.

As the woman called for help and resisted the attack, the Moroccan pushed her backwards, causing the woman to stumble onto the tracks below, which knocked her unconscious. She suffered lacerations and a concussion as a result of her head striking the railway track.

Subway attacks, especially on women, are rampant as Germany struggles with the overwhelming tide of immigrant criminals; to call them refugees implies that they deserve protection from persecution. Germany has already realized the grievous error of its open-border policy and seems powerless to close the floodgates.

The assailant was located and eventually rearrested early Thursday when he was spotted by officers on patrol in a nearby street, according to the U.K. Express. He was then held on suspicion of “predatory theft.”

As terrifying as this particular episode was, the larger immigrant assault and rape crisis in Germany is the real story. Scores of beatings, stabbings and ambush-style attacks, and hundreds of rapes of women, girls and boys by immigrants, have occurred, and Germany is making little effort to address the real source of the problem.

There’s a lesson here, and Americans can learn from Germany’s mistakes without making them ourselves. These criminals who play the refugee card, bringing their inhumanity with them, need to be stopped long before they reach our shores.

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