Mom Worries What Others Will Think. Then Waiter Hands Her Napkin with Note, Leaving Her in Tears

Mom Worries What Others Will Think Then Waiter Hands Her Napkin with Note Leaving Her in Tears

A stranger’s kindness has helped a small family of three not just financially, but also emotionally, after their infant son was recently the target of online bullying. Though the child himself is too young to be affected, his family has suffered.

Little Brody is only a few months old, but already comments regarding his appearance have shaken his parents. Brody, who has a bilateral cleft lip and pallet as well as a rare form of chromosome deletion, doesn’t look like other babies, but his parents don’t love him any differently.

When it became clear at an ultrasound appointment that the little boy would be born with this condition, the parents were asked if they wanted to keep the pregnancy. That was never a question for the happy, expecting parents.

Brody’s mother, Sara Heller, posts daily photos of her pride and joy to her Facebook account. Unfortunately, her joy was clouded when a rude comment appeared on one of Brody’s photos.

“What’s wrong with your son’s face?” the comment read. Brody’s parents were shocked by the ignorance directed at an innocent baby.

While Heller was initially flustered, she remained calm and decided to take the opportunity to educate others about her son’s condition. “My job as his parent and his advocate is to tell his story,” she explains.

Not long after, the couple was again surprised by a stranger’s reaction to their son. This time, however, the interaction was positive.

Shortly before the New Year, Heller was out to dinner with some friends. Little Brody had tagged along.

As their dinner progressed, they were approached by their server, who held a piece of paper. Someone at another table had sent them a gift, he said.

Thinking it was just a note, Heller was shocked when she instead beheld a check for $1000. The memo line read, “For your beautiful baby.”

This money was greatly needed by the family as Brody was preparing to undergo a surgery that would seek to repair his palate. The successful surgery was held earlier this month, and little Brody is improving greatly.

Now, their story is going viral, and Sara is achieving her mission to educate others about Brody’s condition. Reflecting on the stranger’s kindness and generosity, Heller hopes that in turn “someday [Brody] can do something great for someone.” We’re sure this brave little tyke will do just that!

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