Mom Tells Son They’re Picking up Military Dad. But after THIS, Son Never Made It out Door…


Military homecomings are always so touching, especially around the holidays. I know whenever I watch the videos shared online, I grab a box of tissues; I already know the waterworks are coming. This story is no exception.

On November 8, 2016, Aronka Robertson shared a video online that she captured of her teenage son reacting to his father coming home. Her son appeared to have just arrived home from school, still wearing his backpack and his ID around his neck.

When he walked in the door, Aronka told her son, “Today we gotta go get dad.” — from what can be assumed as military deployment. Her son was shocked and excited all at once, in shear disbelief that this was the day he finally got to go pick up his father.

“We’re getting him right now?” he asked excitedly. His mother told him she had to go get dressed first.

She had placed decorations on the table, and once her son noticed, his excitement only grew. He hurriedly rounded the corner to bolt up the stairs.

Then, he stopped dead in his tracks. Watch it unfold in the video!

He ran right into his father! They immediately embraced in a long, much-overdue hug.

His dad laughed at the surprise they managed to pull off, but all the son could do was weep into his father’s shoulder, overcome with emotion.

“You little skinny boy,” his dad told him, as he pulled him in even more tightly. The son continued to cry.

When they pulled away, the dad commented on him getting tall, and they just had to hug again. “He is taller than me,” he exclaimed, which made his son finally laugh.

“Surprise!” the dad finally said. And what a surprise it was!

Since posting the video to Facebook, it’s currently been shared over 62,000 times. We must agree, there simply is no greater feeling than the embrace of a missed love one!

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