Mom and Son Driving When They See the UNTHINKABLE Being Thrown From Truck in Front of Them

Mom and Son Driving When They See the UNTHINKABLE Being Thrown From Truck in Front of Them

This is one of those “What’s wrong with people?” types of stories. And yet, at the same time, it’s a story that reminds us people can be surprisingly wonderful.

Gavin Orlowski, 14, and his mother, Erin Brown, were driving through Grand Rapids, Michigan on I-196 when they saw the unthinkable. A cat was roaming the highway.

This wasn’t just some cat that had made a bad decision either. This cat had been thrown out of the window of one of the vehicles driving in front of them.

The cars were crossing a bridge at the time and it appeared that the people were trying to send their cat over the bridge. Thankfully, the cat had some quick reflexes and found a way to hold on until help arrived.

Brown immediately put her car into park, and Orlowski, without thought for his own safety, jumped out of his car. As he told WZZM “I was just thinking, like, I need to get this cat.”

Like a hero in an action movie, Orlowski threw up his hands and got traffic to stop. He quickly, and cautiously, made his way to the cat who was in dire straights.

“The cat is like hanging off the over-bridge, like 75-percent of his body is like over the bridge.” While you would think the cat would want nothing to do with people in that moment, he must have sensed Orlowski’s caring nature.

Orlowski was able to pull the cat back onto the bridge and get him back into safety in his mother’s car. The two then got the cat to the BluePearl Animal Hospital.

Miraculously, the cat had only minor injuries that no one would have to worry about. A good Samaritan stepped in and anonymously paid all of the medical bills.

The family decided this was the last sign they needed.

So they adopted this once-unloved cat. And, befitting his new status in life, they named him Lucky.

Not-surprisingly, Orlowski has dreams of one day becoming a veterinarian. If his recent actions are any indication of his future character, he is sure to be an outstanding veterinarian.

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