Mom Asks for Help after 12-Year-Old Son Is Bullied at School. That’s When Tattoo Artist Steps In

Mom Asks for Help after 12-Year-Old Son Is Bullied at School Thats When Tattoo Artist Steps In

How did you feel about yourself in Middle School? Let me tell you, I wasn’t a fan of that stage.

With bulky glasses (an upgrade from my elementary school eye patch), braces, and a bit of a belly, my looks weren’t what I wanted them to be. I had a couple of close friends and that was good enough for me, but I longed to look petite and pretty, sans all my “extras.” Sigh.

Unfortunately, some kids endure the same braces and glasses look I did but with the additional hardship of even fewer friends, or ones who weren’t supportive and kind. And even more difficult than all these things is the kids who live their everyday lives with a medical condition or issue with even more “extras” than I ever had.

A boy named Xavier doesn’t have the extras I did, but does have one I didn’t: a back brace. Xavier has scoliosis and pectus and needs to wear a back brace until he is done growing.

For a time he wore the bulky contraption under his clothes, but it was uncomfortable and the kids bullied him anyway. He now wears the brace outside of his clothing but he hates that he has to.

Sad to see her son picked on, Xavier’s mom Ashley King went to Facebook with a request:

“Okay FB , I just left the Orthopedic Dr. , And Xavier is going to have to wear this back brace longer then expected. He has scoliosis and Pectus, this is suppose to help him straighten out in his growing years. He’s embarrassed to wear this to school. Last year he wore it under his shirt but it’s very noticeable , and got picked on. I’m looking for a place that can possibly do a airbrush design on this in Orlando . Please share this help him out. Thanks !!”

When a local tattooist offered his services, and for free, King just couldn’t believe it. Anjel works at Anarchy Tattoos & Art Co. and has the nickname of “Evil” Anjel, but no one knows where it comes from.

This isn’t the first time that Anjel has reached out and used his talents for good. He has given free tattoos for charitable causes before, offering his artistic talent as a salve for a community’s wounds.

But for Xavier, he wanted to design the brace to be awesome. To replace the boring, sterile, white brace, he created a great white shark complete with an awesome seascape and eye-catching colors.

King was so thankful that she couldn’t wait to share this story to Facebook. Anjel did a great job on this brace and was happy to put a smile on a child’s face.

Anjel is a great example of being both gifted and willing. Whatever your talent is, no matter how insignificant or grand, use it for the good of others!

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