Mike Pence Just Showed Again How Great He Is, This Is Why Trump Choose Him For VP!


Mike Pence started firing his big guns! And he just showed why Trump choose him for the VP spot!

Hillary deserves brutal barrage, she is so corrupted and bad that we have to pound her mercilessly until she is ruined to pieces!

According to The Hill:


Mike Pence, the Republican vice presidential nominee, on Saturday called Hillary Clinton the “most dishonest” presidential candidate since former President Nixon.

The Indiana governor railed against Clinton after the FBI released its notes from the investigation into her private email server.

“It’s just more evidence,” Pence said in an interview set to air on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, “that Hillary Clinton is the most dishonest candidate for President of the United States since Richard Nixon.”

“What’s evident from all of the revelations over the last several weeks is that Hillary Clinton operated in such a way to keep her emails, and particularly her interactions while secretary of State, with the Clinton Foundation out of the public reach, out of public accountability,” he added.

“I think it all truly does disqualify her from serving as president of the United States.”

We all think like this Mister Pence, but is good that you are telling this openly. That shows that you are badass, and we need that!

Now it is more than clear why Trump choose you for VP spot, you are the man who can protect his back in the period of the presidency!

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