Michelle Obama To Star On New Cooking Show

Michelle Obama To Star On New Cooking Show

In 2008, faced with an ailing economy and a housing crisis, Americans picked a first-term senator from Illinois with the most liberal views of any president in American history to lead them into the future. That, as you may have noticed, didn’t exactly turn out the way they thought it was supposed to.

In 2017, now that the Obamas have left the White House, a cooking show has decided that a woman who made sure America’s school lunches looked and tasted like jail food would be a great guest on a cooking show.

What could possibly go wrong?

According to Entertainment Weekly, Michelle Obama — former first lady and dedicated enemy of taco Tuesday — will be joining the show “MasterChef Junior” as a guest judge.

“MasterChef Junior,” for the uninitiated, is a Fox cooking competition where Gordon Ramsay — a bullying celebrity chef/hyperkinetic waste of carbon and prescription amphetamines from the British Isles — berates unfortunate children for fun and profit.

The Los Angeles Times reports that other guest judges will include Martha Stewart and a few of the Muppets. When you consider the three-year jail sentence Fozzie Bear served on a wocka-wocka-wrongful death conviction, that makes Michelle Obama the only judge mentioned to have not done prison time.

Of course, the Muppets have taste buds of felt — which, by the looks of the lunches that the former first lady approved on her watch, may actually make them more qualified to pass judgment on food.

Perhaps most significantly, though, it’s yet another sign that the Obamas plan to stay in the spotlight even after they’ve left the White House.

When most presidents leave the Oval Office, they (and their spouses) usually give the future president some space. The one prominent exception to this was Bill Clinton, whose wife was elected senator by the credulous people of New York — a state in which she barely even set foot, much less inhabited, during the eight years prior to her 2000 election.

The reason for this is simple — it gives whoever follows next a bit of breathing room to establish their own style of governing without the former first family breathing down their necks, criticizing their every move. It’s what George W. Bush did for Obama, and what the Obamas steadfastly refuse to do for President Trump.

What’s worse is that I see more of these shenanigans in the future: An appearance on “Law & Order” in which she kills an insurance industry executive for denying her husband Bernock Solama treatment for a pre-existing condition after Obamacare is repealed. (She’s acquitted, and all of the prosecutors agree she’s the bravest and smartest person they’ve ever charged.) A one-shot cameo on “Stranger Things” in which she blames President Reagan for the experiments being done on Eleven. A three-episode appearance as a misunderstood spy handler with a heart of gold on a “Burn Notice” revival.

The possibilities are endless — and that’s unfortunate for an America that’s mostly suffering from Obama exhaustion and a Hollywood establishment that uncritically loves the former first family.

We’ve had eight years. That was enough. Take a vacation, guys — a long one. Really, it’s OK now.

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