Michelle Obama Was ‘Shaken’ By Trump’s Talk, But Look Who She Invited To White House Gala


Michelle Obama’s “core” must be sturdier than she thinks…or her standards not so high after all.

The president’s wife presided over her 13th – and blessedly final – state dinner at the White House on Tuesday attended by the usual star roll of foreign dignitaries, media lapdogs and celebrities showing off their political pull and liberal cred at the same time.

But at least one invited guest was on hand who has made a living out of vile “locker room talk” worse than Donald Trump could ever dream of.

Along with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Obama consigliore Valerie Jarrett and comedian Jerry Seinfeld, the Obamas’ guest list included Chance Bennette, better known by his stage name of Chance the Rapper. This black entertainer may be best known for song lyrics described by New York Post sportswriter Phil Mushnick as “standard dehumanizing gangsta rap — young black men are N—-s, he’s especially fond of dope and regards young women as a sub-species in over-and-out service to his immediate libidinous whims, especially oral sex.”

(Why was a sportswriter critiquing raunchy rap music? Because in the spring, Chance the Rapper was named the Chicago White Sox’s “ambassador.” Presumably to some of the Windy City’s tougher neighborhoods.)

Mushnick wasn’t exaggerating.

The song he picked, “Smoke Again,” gets rolling with lines like:

“So b****, let’s f*** so I can smoke again
I gotta smoke again, I got s*** to do

Compared to that, Trump sounds downright romantic. And it gets worse, and more unprintable, from there.

As rap lyrics go, that’s more or less par for the course. Which is part of what makes the rank hypocrisy and gutter-style entertainment preferences of both Obamas all the more galling.

In Michelle Obama’s speech last week, where she talked about being “shaken to my core” by Trump’s obviously crude 2005 comments, she went even further. “Now is the time for all of us to stand up and say enough is enough,” she said. “This has got to stop right now.”

Well, it’s got to stop if you’re a Republican running for president against Barack Obama’s chosen successor. If you’re a hip young black man on the make from Chicago, though — furthering the degradation of the black community by fathering children without benefit of wedlock — it can keep on going and get you invited to the White House. (Makes you wonder if knocking up random women, hating white cops, and using drugs exactly what liberals want and expect from black men in the 21st century? Sure looks that way.)

At Tuesday’s dinner, Italian PM Renzi saluted the first lady’s anti-Trump speech, according to CNN’s nauseating coverage.

“Thank you so much, as prime minister but also as father of a small daughter,” he said.

Maybe the prime minister’s daughter will grow up to hear degrading lyrics like Chance the Rapper’s and reflect that her father was an Obama dinner guest with that worthy poet, in the company of some of the most famous and powerful men and women in the United States.

Maybe she’ll reflect that every person in that room understood that in an election season that had passed previous boundaries for vile caricature, her father was part of a dinner party that passed judgment on a political rival as being too lewd for polite company, while breaking bread with a man who’s made millions spewing far worse ideas all over impressionable young people, and extolling drug use in the process.

Maybe she’ll understand that Michelle Obama’s “core” was sturdier than she was letting on – or was just part of another Democrat Big Lie in furtherance of a morally bankrupt progressive agenda.

What are the chances of that?

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