Mexico Opens Legal Aid Centers in All 50 of Their U.S. Consulates

Mexico Opens Legal Aid Centers in All 50 of Their US Consulates

President Donald Trump has begun taking action over the past month to make it easier for authorities to crack down on illegal immigration in the United States, something that has irritated Mexico to no end.

Now Mexico has taken the unusual step of actually trying to help those in this country illegally stay here by opening “legal aid centers” at all 50 of its consulates in the United States, Reuters reported.

These law centers were ostensibly opened to ensure that the United States respects the human rights of the illegals whom it is trying to deport.

“We are not promoting illegality,” Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray insisted.

I wonder if Mexico would be willing to pay for legal aid for the families of those who have been killed by illegal immigration in America. Do you think Mexico cares about the human rights of those people?

The Hill noted that Videgaray also called for a path to citizenship for all illegals in America, proving that he really had no idea how the law works in this country.

CNN reported that these centers will do everything they can to help illegals in America, even going so far as to print birth certificates for any illegal immigrant who doesn’t have one.

“With the birth certificate, Mexicans benefiting from this program will be able to request basic documents such as passports and consular registrations, enjoy all the rights and obligations conferred by Mexican nationality and continue to participate in the civic life of our country,” the Mexican foreign ministry stated.

Mexico really is trying as hard as it can to make these illegal immigrants look like regular Mexican citizens. After all, Mexico knows that many of these illegals are either criminals or have few marketable skills, so they don’t want them back in Mexico.

Here’s a crazy idea: How about Mexico takes the money it is wasting on these legal defense centers and uses it to improve its own country so its citizens don’t want to flock here by the millions?

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