MELANIA TRUMP SHUT THEM ALL: I Was Always Legally in US, I Am Proud American Citizen Now, I Love This Country!


Melania Trump is world class fashion model, fashion and marketing agencies were fighting to get her to work for them so it’s insane that someone think she worked in US illegally!

Although she has said she received an H-1B visa for her early modeling work in the United States, she also said she was required from time to time to return to her native Slovenia to renew the visa, something generally not done for H-1B visas, which are longer in term.

But she had to go home to apply for Green Card when she married with Donald.

Some commentators have wondered if she was working in the U.S. illegally. However, Melania Trump has insisted she never violated any laws.

All of this mess about her legal status is just a media tirade against her from Hillary’s media mashine!

They will try to attack whole Trump family on every possible detail no matter how much is that out of any common sense!

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