Megyn Kelly Admits She Was Expecting Different Election Result


Appearing on ABC’s LIVE with Kelly Wednesday morning, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly told host Kelly Ripa she was expecting a completely different result in Tuesday’s presidential election.

“Last time around in 2012 we called it in the 11 o’clock hour for Barack Obama, so we kind of figured we’d be calling it in the 11 o’clock hour,” Kelly said.

“What happens is, you sit down for the exit polls, the first round of them, and that’s when you first get a hint of how the night is going to go,” she explained.

“And it was all bad news for Donald Trump, that first round. It was like, it’s going to be a rough night for Donald Trump, it’s looking good for Hillary Clinton.’

Kelly then described how the night took an abrupt turn.

“Suddenly the real vote starts coming in. And it was similar to what we were seeing in the lead-up, what we were told by the pollsters was not matching the sentiment of the American people,” explained Kelly.

After being asked how major pollsters, nearly all of whom predicted a Clinton victory, could have had it so wrong, Kelly said it was unspoken support for the real estate mogul that made the polls look so different from the actual election results.

“Well what they think so far is that there really was a hidden Trump vote,” she said, adding, “It was a resounding victory. I have never seen anything like this. You will never have a result this shocking where people got it shockingly this wrong.”

Kelly also had a message for those who dislike Trump and are feeling despondent over his victory.

“For the people who are feeling upset today, this is the United States of America and it’s the most glorious place to live in the world,” Kelly said.

She continued, “I hope that we can all sort of move forward and go back to treating each other with kindness and a little dignity,” adding, “I feel like a lot of that, during this electoral process, but watching people disagree… not just on the front lines, but on the news, go after each other and watching people in the hallway go after each other… you just think, ‘My gosh, we wouldn’t talk to our worst enemies this way and we are talking to each other this way.’”

Kelly then said that Trump should be congratulated and like him or not, the entire country should pray for him and hope the country does well under his leadership.

“I will say this, love him or hate him, he’s the president-elect of our country and the one thing he needs now more than ever is our prayers and good wishes for a strong performance,” she said. “He has a lot to deal with… at the end of it we accept the results and we get behind our president.”

“We all share the same basic core as Americans and that’s what we should focus on,” she continued. “Keep an open mind, see what he does and my philosophy in hard times is any time you feel blue, threatened or scared, remember who you are.”

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