Media Tries to Set up Trump at Harley Meeting… But His Comeback Leaves Them Howling

Media Tries to Set up Trump at Harley Meeting But His Comeback Leaves Them Howling

In accordance with his “America First” philosophy, President Donald Trump, along with Vice President Mike Pence, met with Harley-Davidson executives, riders and union leaders Thursday to further Trump’s objective of seeing Harley-Davidson products continue to be made in the United States.

Trump continuing to champion his agenda of “America First” was enough good news for anyone, but his response to a reporter’s gentle jab was what really stole the show.

On his way out of the outdoor meeting, one reporter asked him, “No ride, Mr. President?” wondering whether Trump was going to ride one of the motorcycles present at the meeting.

Of course, it was a joke, but Trump’s response to the reporter was absolutely perfect.

“Boy, would you like to see me fall off one of these,” he said.

Even the media present, who famously dislikes him, burst out laughing at that.

That’s about as good a one-liner as you’re going to get.

Trump managed to both shoot down a jabbing reporter and disarm her and her colleagues at the same time. That’s pretty fantastic, and as awesome as it would be to see Trump ride a Harley in front of dazed reporters, it was probably the correct move.

I’d be willing to bet that if Trump (or Pence, for that matter) wanted to pick up cycling as a hobby, anyone at that conference would have been happy to teach them, free of charge.

Wouldn’t that make for an awesome T-shirt?

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