MEDIA SILENT: Google Search Statistics Reveal EPIC News for Trump in November


Search engine Google’s Trend feature has revealed some telling information about what internet users are searching for, which could potentially spell trouble for Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

According to statistics extracted from Google data, the question, “How to vote for Trump” has about twice as many searches as “How to vote for Hillary,” which gives us insight into how many voters are actually interested learning how to vote for Clinton versus her rival, GOP nominee Donald Trump.

By the looks of it, more people want to know how to vote for Trump.

Take a look:


The Clinton camp might like to spin this as uneducated “deplorables” who don’t know the first thing about voting, but it’s more likely that Trump supporters are being proactive and ensuring that they know what to do come Election Day.

This data support the notion that Clinton simply isn’t generating much excitement among her supporters. That’s not hard to believe. Given Clinton’s past and the crimes she’s committed, it’s a wonder she can interest anyone at all into voting for her.

However, Clinton does have the media and leftist organizations like Google working on her behalf, manipulating data as well as poll results to do their best to make Clinton look like she has already won the election.

Below is a video explaining just how Google has manipulated its search results in favor of Clinton.

As of now, it looks as though Google has left its Trends feature alone, which is shocking, but good nonetheless.

This information doesn’t predict the outcome of the election, but it does give us a more realistic look into what voters are looking for as we close in on Nov.8. The fact that users are not looking for information on how to vote for Clinton could spell trouble for the former secretary at the polls.

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