Media Calls Trump Hitler Less Than 4 Hours Into Presidency… Chris Matthews Pulls Trigger

Media Calls Trump Hitler Less Than 4 Hours Into Presidency Chris Matthews Pulls Trigger

For the past year, liberal media outlets have gone out of their way to compare President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler in their attempts to derail his candidacy, his nomination, and now his presidency.

It didn’t take long for the media to start comparing Trump to Hitler even though he had only been president for an hour or two, and hadn’t had a chance to do anything significant.

The comparison of Trump and Hitler came from MSNBC (of course) and involved Trump’s speech, which Chris Matthews said had a “Hitlerian background.”

While Matthews is historically correct, the slogan “America first” was used by a Nazi-sympathizing group back in the 1930s, it’s been abundantly clear for over a year now that Trump wasn’t referring to that group’s ideology.

When Trump says “America first,” he is talking about talking care of our own people before we spend trillions of dollars helping other countries take care of theirs.

Of course the liberal media don’t want to publicize that — too many Americans agree with it. So they immediately declare that Trump is talking like Hitler, throw in a few references to fascism and tie him to the Russians just to be safe.

Boy oh boy, are we in for a long four, or eight, years. No matter what Trump does, the liberal media is going to declare that it is horrible, awful and Trump is leading us into some Orwellian nightmare scenario.

All Trump wants to do is take care of this country after it has suffered under eight years of former President Barack Obama’s so-called “leadership.”

There is nothing wrong with saying that America should prioritize helping the poor and homeless in this country before we go waste money on Middle Eastern countries that will stab us in the back the first chance they get.

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